Working Group - Cocoa

Target: By 2017, train and certify another 49,174 farmers and further increase yields and farmer net income and hold GHG reductions                                                                    



  • Delivering professional farmer packages (agri inputs, planting material, and knowledge)
  • Improving access to savings, loans, and other financial services, and financial literacy trainings
  • Increasing awareness of environmental issues in the cocoa sector by educating and training farmers in environmentally friendly practices
  • Building training programs to improve the communities’ access to nutrition and other basic services
  • Promoting the inclusivity of marginalized groups like women and youths
  • Launching CocoaTrace program for better traceability in cocoa beans.



  • 117,259 Farmers (SCPP and UTZ) trained in GAP and other best practice
  • Land: 137,653 ha
  • Yield improvement 62%
  • Income increase 70%
  • GHG reduction by 30% from 1,09 to 0,77 tCO2e/MT Cocoa
  • Field Schools: 2,627 GAP Schools


Lead by: Swisscontact

Partners: Koltiva, Berau Cacao (Berau Coal), Nestlé Indonesia, Cargill Indonesia, UTZ, SECO, Swiss Embassy, MCA-I, ICCRI, 3 financial Institutions and 5 leading cocoa supply chain companies, government of 7 provinces and 29 districts


Areas of Work: Aceh, West Sumatera, West Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, South East Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara