Working Group - Coffee

Target: By 2020, the Nestlé led working group will have distributed 3,800,000 plant materials supplied by ICCRI to farmers. This replanting program will continue with training of farmers to develop their own seedling with materials provided by the WG’s “mother garden” to ensure future plants would have higher productivity and better adapt to climate changes



  • Replanting program with better plant material for productivity and adaptation to climate changes
  • Farmers training to qualify for Common Codes for Coffee Community 4C
  • Shorter and transparent supply chain aggregators (KUB) to export markets
  • Financial ecosystem, loan for inputs
  • Mobile banking and cashless transaction



  • Farmers engaged: 20,000
  • Productivity increase: 60%
  • Farmers with mobile bank account: 15,000


Partners: Nestlé Indonesia, Syngenta Indonesia, Yara Indonesia, ICCRI, Rabobank Foundation, Bank BTPN, Telkomsel, and Rainforest Alliance


Areas of work: Regency of Tanggamus – Lampung Province