Working Group - Dairy

Targets: By 2020, 5,000 graduates from un-professional to “progressive farmers (increase cows ownership from average 3,5 to 8) and productivity improvement by 40%. 1,000 farmers run profitable medium size farm with 20 cows and productivity of 18 lt/d/cow (over 5,000 lt/cow/lactating) 100 “agripreneur” dairy farming with over 50 cows per farm, applying TMR as feeding system. A total of 200 ha of profitable fodder agriculture models across East Java (initial crowding to drive future scaling up



  • Fodder replanting program and nurseries
  • Corn silage program
  • Feeding / animal nutrition improvement program
  • Feed center on complete feed
  • Model farms for productivity and hygiene
  • Biogas program
  • Water ad-libitum program



  • Farmers engaged: 20,000
  • Numbers of coops: 25


Partners: Nestlé Indonesia, Cargill Indonesia, Brawijaya University,nARISA, Balai Inseminasi Buatan Singosari, Invivo Indonesia, and milk cooperatives


Areas of work: East Java Province