Partnering with PISAgro


Who are our members? Our members are corporations, suppliers, manufacturers and stakeholders that span the full food value chain and beyond. They all have a multi country or regional footprint in Asia and share common visions on issues relating to food security, CO2 emission and poverty alleviation.

Who should be our member?

Membership of PISAgro is on company or institution basis. This means that all employees of member companies may take advantage of the association benefits – i.e. attendance at member-exclusive events and conferences, complimentary publications, reports, online resources etc. Membership usually covers all subsidiaries and all companies in which the member holds more than 50% ownership.

Each member company is represented by a main contact at the level of President, Chairman or Chief Executive Officer. All applications for membership will be submitted for approval to the PISAgro’s Board.

PISAgro’s Board is led by two Co-Chairmen and a Secretary General. They are nominated among Partner members. Under the two Co-Chairmen, we have the Board Members that consist of representative of the selected Partner Members.


There are three membership categories for PISAgro.

Partner Members

Partner membership is available to companies/institutions who wish to take a more active role in any of PISAgro’s working groups and activities. Partner members may also nominate a representative to join the PISAgro’s Board and become working group’s leader and

nominated as Co-Chairman. Partner member would gain access to attend invitations-only meetings with key Government stakeholder to provide insights on key issues on selected commodities and other issues in general. PISAgro’s Board must approve application for partner members.

General Members

General members are companies who share PISAgro’s values on issues related to food security, carbon emission reduction and poverty alleviation for smallholders. General members would gain full access to PISAgro’s website and invitations to attend members-only General Meeting. Companies/institutions might decide to join originally as General Member then upgrade to Partner Member.

Associate Members

Associate Membership is by invitation only. This includes but not limited to national or local industry associations, government representatives and educational institutions. Invitation is extended based on recommendation by Partner Members.


Observer status is by invitation only based on recommendation by Partner Members. The observer status is given to companies and institutions that have expressed their interests to join PISAgro but would like to attend and observe the General Meeting first prior to join. Companies with observer status are allowed to attend PISAgro’s General Meeting twice and are not extendable.

For more information about becoming a member, please contact PISAgro's Secretariat.