Working Group - Vocational Training

Targets:The group objective is to help the government and agricultural industry in producing human resources with strong capability and expertise in accordance to the industrial standard. The activities are expected to increase the agriculture productivity and enhance Indonesia’s food security, reduce the unemployment rate as well as poverty rates.


Bayer Indonesia’s Project in Merauke, Papua Province:

  • Providing a full three-month modern farming practice training to Vocational High School (SMKs) students in rice farming in Wapeko.
  • Providing land plot, facility, boarding rooms and accommodation to the students.
  • Providing teaching modules on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) on rice farming, agriculture mechanization, and nancial literacy: farming as business.

Triputra Agro Persada (TAP) Project in South Kalimantan Province:

  • Providing a two-year apprentice program to University Students majoring in agriculture with a close mentoring from the company.
  • Providing students with accommodations and opportunity to practice their knowledge
  • Students with good result may have the chance to work with PT Triputra Agro Persada.


Lead by: Bayer Indonesia


  • BPPSDMP Ministry of Agriculture
  • Medco
  • Kubota
  • IFC
  • Five Vocational High School (SMKs) in Merauke Regency, Papua.
  • Regional government of Merauke Regency
  • Ministry of Education
  • PT Triputra Agro Persada (TAP)
  • Instiper, DI Yogyakarta
  • STIPAP Medan
  • LPP Yogyakarta

Areas of Work: Merauke, Papua Province and South Kalimantan Province.