Founders Committee


  • Vice Minister of Agriculture
  • Vice Minister of Trade
  • Bayer
  • CropScience
  • Indofood
  • McKinsey
  • Nestlé
  • Sinar Mas
  • Syngenta
  • Unilever


  • Appoints board members, chairman and vice chairman.
  • Assures the Board upholds the basic principles of PISAgro
  • Assure Board is staffed with well functioning chairmen and members
  • Assure Board has proper mix of sectors (Finance, Industry, Donor)
  • Assure Board remains apolitical
  • In case of dispute, Chairman and Vice Chairman jointly decide

Frequency of Meeting:

  • At minimum once a year on the second quarter of the year for nomination of Board members for following fiscal year

Term :

  • Initially, all Founder Companies represented by their Indonesian Leaders.

Duration of Role:

  •  In principle unlimited
  • At least every 5 years check-in


In case any position may become vacant, Chairman and Vice Chairman select new committee members



  • Government (represented by the ministers/vice ministers):
  1. Ministry of Agriculture
  2. Ministry of Trade
  3. Ministry of Finance
  4. Tempo Inti Media
  • Others (Chairman of Founder’s committee with input of Vice Chairman may nominate additional members. Key criteria for selection is prominence and ability to contribute effectively to the cause of PISAgro)


  • Ensuring proper linkage with key decision makers in the respective ministries
  • Proper resource allocation and priority for PISAgro’s related activities
  • Assure linkage between the senior government officials and PISAgro leaders



  • Founders committee
  • Additional of three Board members


  • Track record of having provided effective leadership role in a working group
  • Head of their respective organization in Indonesia
  • Further demonstrated the governance principles i.e. Committed, Add value, Active, Not dominant
  • Other additional criteria

Terms and Election:

  • Electable board members serve for 3 years, appointed by the Founders’ committee
  • Each 3 years the founders committee can extend the board members if they clearly have adhered to the above mentioned criteria
  • In case any board member (founders committee or additonal board member) does not demonstrate the governance principles in a consistent manner, e.g. through frequent non-attendance, the nomination committee can ask the board member to step at any time


  • Operational oversight of PISAgro, i.e. assure that PISAgro functions as platform
  • Provide guidance to WGs regarding adherence to basic principles of PISAgro and assure that full authority, accountability and responsibility remains with the WGs
  • At least on a annual basis will the Board review, how well the WGs are adhering to PISAgro’s principles
  • Approve application of new paying members
  • Advocacy towards key governmental stakeholders

Frequency of Meeting: 

At the minimum quarterly



  • Executive Director
  • Staff


  • Empower and supports Board in its key roles, in particular in articulating key action national and regional government should consider taking to enhance sustainable agriculture throughout Indonesia at scale
  • Linking-pin to key internal and external stakeholders (Government, Working Groups, Donors, NGOs) Regarding external stakeholders the Executive Director acts on behalf of the Board
  • Facilitate information sharing and dissemination of best practice
  • Assure transparency of quantitative and qualitative progress of Working Groups, i.e. provides standardized reporting format along the key parameters
  • Attract new member
  • Serve as one door access for government entities to PISAgro


Annual contract

Working Groups

One working group per crop, that consists of:


  • The leader of his/her organization in Indonesia
  • Chosen by the members


Represent key players across the full value chain for each crop

Steering Committee:

In case there are several initiatives in one Crop, the Working Group members can decide to create a Steering committee. The main function of this Committee:

  • Assure the sum of all initiatives leads to impact throughout Indonesia at scale
  • Deal with conflict of interests


  • The Working Group has full accountability, authority, and responsibility for achieving PISAgro’s objective and adherence to PISAgro’s basic principles for the crop it works on
  • In particular, it assures quarterly report on qualitative and quantitative progress to PISAgro’s secretariat as well as key challenges it faces and solutions it is considering on a quarterly basis
  • At least annually it summarizes key actions national and local government should consider taking for their respective crops to enhance sustainable agriculture throughout Indonesia at scale
  • Functional Working Groups may be created. In principles they play a supportive role to the crop focused Working Groups. They aim to enhance best practice sharing and provide expertise advice