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PISAgro | Partnership for Indonesia Sustainable Agriculture



The adoption of technology and innovation in the agriculture industry in Indonesia has been steadily progressing. The country was witnessing a growing interest in digital farming tools, precision agriculture, and innovative farming practices among both smallholders and larger agricultural enterprises. Various government initiatives and private sector investments were aimed at promoting technology adoption to improve agricultural productivity, increase crop yields, and reduce resource wastage. Additionally, the development of mobile apps and digital platforms for farmers to access market information, weather forecasts, and agronomic advice was gaining momentum, contributing to greater efficiency in the sector. However, challenges such as limited access to technology in remote areas, the need for digital literacy among farmers, and infrastructure gaps still existed. Agritech & Digital Innovation Working Group, a collaborative working group comprising private sector leaders, agricultural experts, government representatives, and grassroots organizations, is passionately dedicated to catalyzing the integration of technology and innovation into the practices of smallholder farmers. Recognizing the transformative potential of digital tools, precision agriculture, and sustainable farming practices, this WG works together to bridge the technological divide. By facilitating access to cutting-edge solutions, providing training and support, and advocating for policies that promote innovation in agriculture, the consortium empowers smallholders to enhance productivity, reduce resource wastage, and bolster their livelihoods. Agritech & Digital Innovation WG serves as a beacon of synergy and expertise, exemplifying the profound impact that public-private partnerships can have in modernizing and sustainable agriculture, ultimately driving equitable progress and resilience in rural communities.

Activities :

  • - Developing and providing digital monitoring and evaluation system
  • - Fostering communities among smallholders through digital platforms
  • - Promoting sustainable farming practice and climate prevention through digital extension services
  • - Collaborating with financial institutions to offer digitsl financial services
Impact :

  • - 13.801 farmers participating
  • - Advising relevant ministerial offices on adjusting the subsidized farmer lending program to be available for more crops.
  • - Exploring opportunities for collaboration between the private sector and banks to provide end-to-end financial support solutions for smallholders.
  • - Examples in the network include BRI’s Kartu Tani.