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PISAgro | Partnership for Indonesia Sustainable Agriculture



Indonesia is one of the world's largest consumers of beef, but it had been struggling to meet its domestic demand through local production alone. The country relied on beef imports, which were subject to government regulations and fluctuations in international prices. Efforts were being made to improve the domestic beef cattle industry through increased investment in breeding programs, feedlots, and modern farming practices. However, challenges such as land availability, access to quality feed, and animal health issues persisted.

Working Group Cattle, a dynamic collaboration of private sector leaders, governmental bodies, grassroots organizations, and cattle farmers, is unwaveringly committed to enhancing the productivity and livelihoods of smallholders within the beef cattle industry while championing sustainable management practices. Through a holistic approach that encompasses modernized breeding programs, improved animal health standards, efficient resource utilization, and access to market opportunities, WG Cattle empowers smallholder cattle farmers with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive. The consortium stands as a shining example of industry stakeholders coming together to drive positive change, exemplifying the transformative potential of public-private partnerships in ensuring the long-term viability of beef cattle farming while uplifting rural communities and preserving the environment.

Activities :

  • - Providing smallholders with infrastructure support, high quality animal feed to optimize weight gain and access to financing.
Impact : KIBIF, Great Giant Livestock

  • - 36.991 farmers participating
  • - Working with 8 education institutions
  • - 70% farmers adopting new technology