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PISAgro | Partnership for Indonesia Sustainable Agriculture



Pilot-project program kemitraan yang diterapkan pada komoditas hortikultura dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan produktifitas, pendapatan petani, menjaga ketersediaan produk, dan meningkatkan jangkauan pasar. Salah satu komoditas unggulan nya adalah cabai.


Indicator Before After
Production/Productivity Started at 2 hectare of land to produce commodities Increased hectare of land to almost 200 ha to provide more horticulture production
Market Access Limited access to market, only sell to intermediary or traditional market Facilitated farmers to new market access such as traditional market, modern market, and start-up as offtaker
Financial Farmers have limited access to financial help provided by financial institutions Collaborated with Bank BRI, Bank BNI, and Bank NTT to provide farmers with financial needs by giving loan
Indicator Before After
Capability Building No trainings provided to improve farmers knowledge on cropping pattern Farmers were provided GAP Training for better cropping pattern
Social Impact Farmers have lower average of living income due to market uncertainty and lack of access to offtaker or other intermediaries partners Increased 20% of farmer's average living income
Indicator Before After
Innovation and Infrastructure Farmers run the farm management bytraditional farming process with lack of technology usage Collaborated with technology institutions in innovating smartfarming to help farmers in monitoring their land along the farming process, usage of Smart Green House (SGH) for harvesting & collecting, usage of Solar Dryer to dry harvest for a better crop quality
Sustainability No existing program related to environment or sustainability issues Farmers are introduced and provided to sustainability practice by the usage of organic fertilizers, sustainability farming, etc

Inclusive Closed Loop Inisiatives :

- Inputs: Provided farmers with input material such as fertilizers, quality seeds, pesticide, etc.
- Financing: Provided farmers with financial help by facilitating farmers to partnered with investors and banks to facilitate farmers in financial helps (banking credit, loan, KUR, and grants)
- Technology: Implemented smart farming process by running the Smart Green House and developed a drying method with solar dryer
- Government/Regulatory: Partnered with Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of industry, Ministry of Coopertaive and SMEs, Kadin Indonesia, and Local Government to catalyze the inclusive closed-loop implementations
- Market Access: Opened a new market for farmers collaborated with traditional market, modern market, and start-up as offtaker
- Knowledge: Increase farmers' knowledge by providing GAP Training