Working Group - Cocoa


Cocoa is Indonesia primary export commodity. Productivity of cocoa plants in Indonesia have declined by 50% in the past five years. Smallholder cocoa plants are suffering as a result of declining soil fertility due to misapplication of urea fertilizer.


  • Collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture to develop high-quality seeds.
  • Delivering professional farmer packages, which include agri-inputs, planting material, and knowledge.
  • Improving access to savings, loans, other financial services, as well as financial literacy trainings.
  • Increasing awareness of environmental issues in the cocoa sector by educating and training farmers in environmentally friendly practices.
  • Building training programs to improve the communities’ access to nutrition and other basic services.
  • Promoting the inclusivity of marginalized groups like women and youths.
  • Scaling CocoaTrace, a cloud-based software developed by Koltiva to enable the industry to improve traceability across the cocoa value chain.



  • 153,406 farmers participating.
  • Trained 1,411 government extension officers.
  • 69,936 households have been trained on financial literacy.
  • 43% increase in productivity.
  • 66% increase in income from baseline.
  • 33% decrease in GHG emissions



Leader: Mars Symbioscience Indonesia

  • PT Mars Symbioscience Indonesia.
  • PT Cargill Indonesia
  • Cocoa Sustainability Partnership.
  • PT Koltiva.
  • Mercy Corps Indonesia.
  • PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero).
  • Save The Children.
  • Yayasan IRTI.