Working Group - Rubber


Indonesia is the world’s second largest producers of natural rubber. In 2018 production was at 3.2 million tons, and this figure is expected to grow as ( demand, especially for tires, continues to rise. However, Indonesia’s rubber plantations – 85% of which are managed by smallholders – are still not as productive as they can be due to poor plantation management practices, use of low-quality inputs and limited resources for replanting.


  • Collaborating with government vocational training facilities to deliver capacity building through Teaching Factory for Agricultural Education (TEFA).
  • Running training of trainer and field assistance programs to improve farmer productivity.
  • Organized tapping competitions and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Quizes.



  • 28,240 farmers participating.
  • 44,735 hectares of land covered.
  • 30% increase in yield from baseline.



Leader: Kirana Megatara

  • PT Kirana Megatara Tbk.
  • PT Koltiva.
  • PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero).
  • Save the Children.