Working Group - Horticulture


The Indonesian archipelago holds the potential to cultivate different kinds of tropical fruits and spices to cover both increasing demand for healthy lifestyle in domestic and international market. Unfortunately, the growth of horticulture commodities is challenged with volatility of price, stock and quality. Farmers face with several challenges from unstable price and demand, logistical challenges considering limited shelf life of horticulture crops as well as competing against premium imported fruits and spices with more appealing look.


  • Optimize farmers’ production techniques.
  • Provide high quality seeds and supervising cultivation.
  • Give off-take guarantees.
  • Facilitate the availability of early flowering technology which helps provide mango farmers with longer harvest, higher fruit quality, and better prices in the off-season.



  • 1,964 farmers participating in the various programs.



Leader: PT Great Giant Pineapple

  • PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT Gunung Sewu Kencana).
  • Mercy Corps Indonesia.
  • PT YARA Indonesia.
  • MusHome (PT. Yasa Mushroom Sriwijaya).
  • Yayasan IRTI.